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Motatos – Less food waste

Motatos – Less food waste 28-03-2024
Danish online retailer Motatos have food waste reduction as its business basis, which is why they sell goods that otherwise would have gone to waste in a traditional grocery store.
Every order at Motatos saves CO2-emissions –an average order saves 9.1 kg of CO2. This is about the same amount of carbon dioxide required to charge your mobile 1,100 times.

• Motatos sells at a lower price goods that would have gone to waste elsewhere due to overproduction, packaging bugs, seasonal trends, soon to be or already expired/ best-before date. This makes it easy and cheap for consumers to buy sustainable products at Motatos.

• All products show 2 prices, the Motatos-price and the average store-price. The retailer strive to be 20-90 pct. cheaper than other retailers.

• Some products have passed best-before date –never the use by date –but are quality assured and not harmful to health.

• The range always varies, as they accept all goods the suppliers have to offer.

• Collaborates with suppliers by selling their once non-sellable items and prevents waste.

• Collaborated with the Swedish Environmental Institute to calculate the climate impact.

• Created a community, where the retailer and the consumers contribute to each other
• Always mentions their customers as climate heroes
• Shares inspiration, recipes and information on their website and social media, both from climate heroes and themselves. Hosts a “blog” on the shop called Motatos Stories and shares recipes based on so called “smart” ingredients, climate-facts and tips and facts to help prevent food waste.

• Collaborates with the international organization The Hunger Project, that works to prevent famine. Donates one percent of gross profit from private label-sales or a minimum of 10.000 euros per year.

Learn about this and many other successful examples in the "Towards Circular Economy" report, prepared by KISS Retail and Ebeltoft Group, you can download here: