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Artikel København: fashion with purpose

Artikel København: fashion with purpose 07-11-2022
In the manner of open kitchens in restaurants, where consumers see how their food is made, the Danish clothing brand Artikel København, has an open workshop in its store where the garments for sale are made.
It is their way of making consumers aware of the complex process of making fashion and inviting them to take care of the garments and wear them for longer.

Why is it innovative?

Because of its purpose: Artikel København has a very purpose-driven approach to consumption, which is in line with today's main trends: purpose, meaning, sustainability and companies that "care" about the world, without focusing solely on profit.

Transparency: They are transparent and allow their customers to enter an area that is often very closed, especially in the garment industry, where the production part of the supply chain is often a "dark spot" with shadows of labor exploitation. By producing themselves, they eliminate any doubts.

Local: Customers can see the production of the garments live, right there in the store where they buy them. The supply chain is very short and transparent, which is also positive for conscientious consumers.

Our opinion:

This concept stands out for its contrast to the usual model in the fashion industry. The so-called slow-fashion requires courage and with this concept Artikel København addresses some of the most relevant issues and trends of the moment: sustainability, quality over quantity, transparency of the supply chain and a more responsible consumption.

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