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Auping – Fully circular product: mattress.

Auping – Fully circular product: mattress. 12-03-2024
The 130 years old Dutch company believes in a better world with better sleep. Every bed and mattress is produced with great attention to the environment and the future. The main values of the company include attention, reliability, openness and being social.

In 2017, Aupingworked with DSM-Niagato develop a fully circular mattress. They created a mattress made entirely of polyester and steel, with no glue or foam. The materials used can be easily decoupled and reused to create new mattresses. The company strives to have a full circular product assortment by 2030.

• The company offers a licensing construction for competitors so they can produce circular mattresses themselves. In this way, the company wants to move the industry in the right direction.

• Back in 2012, Aupinglaunched its ‘Take Back’ system which includes taking back mattresses of the consumer when a new mattress is being delivered. The mattresses are recycled in total.

• In 2021, the company partnered up with DunckDons and extended their service by taking back duvets and pillows. With this partnership, down and feathers of high quality are reused to make new duvets and pillows. Materials of a lower quality are used to make organic fertilizers.

• Next to the ‘Take Back’ system, Aupinglaunched their own ‘Product as a Service’ platform called Bedzzzy. This platform offers customers a renting model which prevents overconsumption and overproduction.

• The fully circular mattresses include a Niagatag with a QR code to inform customers about the traceability of the materials used in the product and how and where the mattress can be returned to become a new one and avoid waste.

Learn other successful examples of circular design in the report "Towards Circular Economy", prepared by KISS Retail and Ebeltoft Group, you can download here: