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Retail Innovations (2022)

Retail Innovations (2022) 21-02-2022
In 2022, Retailers and Brands are being asked to consistently exceed customer expectations.

The latter want to engage with the brand both digitally and in-store, and at the same time, they value efficiency and quick solutions to their needs.

Add to this the growing sustainable awareness, both social and environmental, which is also changing their consumption habits and choices, and offering sustainable solutions to customers is as important as it is challenging.

How can retailers respond to such demanding expectations and at the same time manage the growing operational complexity and the unstoppable rise in costs?
Brands and retailers must adapt to survive, transform their value proposition to gain relevance and their businesses to ensure profitability.

It's time to innovate and apply the KISS Retail © method: Keep It Simple for the customer, & Smart for the business.
You can start by getting inspired by the latest in Retail Phygital and Sustainable Brands by downloading the Retail Innovations 2022 report.