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Søstrene Grene – Retail for the senses.

Søstrene Grene – Retail for the senses. 19-03-2024
Søstrene Grene (The Grene Sisters) sell Scandinavian design, home accessories, kitchenware, gifts, stationery, interior and much more. They used the pandemic and lockdown to rethink and renovate their physical stores, and the result was a new store concept – Retail for the Senses.

The store was created to bring Zen, creativity and inspiration to the customers. It does so with a colour palette of calm earthly tones, wood elements, classical music and subdued lightning. The stores are shaped like labyrinths and it is possible to spot small messages and advice from the two fictional sisters behind the store concept.

Furthermore, Søstrene Grene has developed an app universe, where consumers can indulge in a creative space, be inspired, watch tutorials and learn about products and projects at home. It also contains the webstore, but for the impatient consumers, they can also buy more than 400 products from the delivery company Wolt, which brings takeaway to hundreds of hungry consumers. When the creative urge starts to become too overwhelming at home, the consumers can browse and shop from Søstrene Grene and get what they want delivered within 30 minutes.

Why is it innovative?

Unique In-Store
To attract your customers to the physical store, you need to offer something special, and that is exactly what Søstrene Grene is doing. It is genius to cater to the senses, as the senses cannot be stimulated in the same way online as they can in the physical world.

All-Inclusive Ecosystem
The retailer creates a 360-degree universe, where the customers can indulge in creativity and inspiration no matter the platform. It is perfect for the modern consumer, who is always looking to be inspired and surprised but never have time to waste.

Local Delivery
The collaboration with Wolt is smart because it is taking advantage of a player from another market, accommodating a trend (convenience) that goes across the whole retail world. Søstrene Grene does not let limit themselves through slow delivery but use the available resources to better their own business and accommodate their consumers.

Our expert opinion

Approaching customers from all angles with different but relevant experiences is crucial today. The physical store has to be time well spent for the consumers, and catering to the senses is a unique way of doing something extra and making it worth the trip to the physical store. At the same time, if you are not online, you lose. The online universe is a perfect extension of the physical universe, as far as it can reach. Even though you cannot smell, touch, or try the products, you can get inspired, learn, and more from the very complete universe that is the app. On top of all this, convenience is accommodated with the Wolt-delivery partnership, and convenience is a crucial part of retail today.

Find out more about this omnichannel initiative in the "Retail Innovations (2023)" report, prepared by KISS Retail and Ebeltoft Group, downloadable in full here: