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There is a new paradigm: social business

There is a new paradigm: social business 20-01-2022
The end does not justify the means. In business, neither. Economic results are as important as the actions to achieve them.

There is a new paradigm: social business. These are businesses whose objective is to contribute to society or to a community; economic results are seen as a tool to ensure the continuity of the project. Moreover, if they prove to be coherent, they gain customer support.

Social Foodies is a good example. They are a chocolate/bakery chain in Denmark that sources its main ingredients from communities in Africa that the company itself has invested in developing.

They train their people in organic agriculture and livestock farming and help them to become entrepreneurs, which ensures them a well-paid and sustainable job in the long term. In Denmark, they also help integrate people with disabilities through adapted workplaces.
Result: empowered communities and extraordinary products: don't forget to try one of their chocolates if you are in Copenhagen!

Learn more about Social Foodies in the Sustainable Brands & Retail report prepared by KISS Retail, you can download it here.