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Tony's Chocolonely: 100% slave-free chocolate industry

Tony's Chocolonely: 100% slave-free chocolate industry 05-05-2021
Did you know that the chocolate industry generates modern slavery? Tony's Chocolonely has set out to end this problem by ensuring that every worker involved in the supply chain of its chocolate bars has decent working conditions and wages.

Behind its slogan "Crazy about chocolate, serious about people" we find its purpose to transform the entire chocolate industry, eradicating modern slavery and child exploitation.

On its website it transparently reports on its operations and proposes solutions for the sector, as well as inviting us to become activists as consumers. Customers are willing to pay a higher price for Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars because they are more ethical.

His great success has led him to open a physical store, a chocolate bar and plans to open a factory-theme park in 2024 in the style of Willy Wonka! (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Until you can visit his fun and inspiring store in Amsterdam, we invite you to learn more about his story, and that of many other businesses with a positive impact, in our Sustainable Brands and Retail report by KISS Retail: