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¿Who's the boss? The consumer brand

¿Who's the boss? The consumer brand 01-12-2021

It’s in your hands to ensure a just price for all participants in the value chain of a product. The initiative has already arrived in Spain “¿Who's the boss? The consumer brand.”

It is an initiative whereby consumers vote for the characteristics they prefer in a given product; milk, eggs, oranges..., and these characteristics determine a selling price that ensures fair remuneration for all participants and complies with the options most voted by consumers. The products are then sold in regular stores, such as Carrefour hypermarkets.

Quién es el jefe? La marca de los consumidores – Únete a nosotros!

It is a model that creates a consumer-producer-distributor ecosystem with a positive impact for all participants and facilitates responsible consumption.

“@C’est qui le patrón?” was born in France after the 2015 crisis of milk producers, who had to sell their milk below cost (does this ring a bell?). Due to the commercial success of this first product, 33 more products were already voted and launched on the market in the first three years.

Learn more about this initiative in the Sustainable Brands Retail report, prepared by KISS Retail: