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Digitization of PronoKal

Digitization of PronoKal 05-12-2022
PronoKal Group is a multinational company operating in 15 countries, dedicated to improving people's health and well-being. It specializes in offering personalized weight loss treatments through a physician-prescribed protein diet, with professional support and a multidisciplinary approach.

In 2019, the company decided to undertake the transformation from a traditional to a digital business model. Due to Covid-19, PronoKal decided to accelerate this change and close its stores in Spain, going 100% digital.

PronoKal's key objective is to transform a service business into a data-driven business, to personalize weight loss treatments, thanks to innovative digital tools:

  • PronoKal Connect App: smart scale connected to the customer's app that enables metabolic monitoring, nutritional coaching advice, physical activity training and online shopping. It also connects to physicians and CRM for integrated personalized customer support.

  • Pnk Genomics(2021): genetic study to individualize weight loss and treatments, based on the genetic profile and using a proprietary AI algorithm.

The channel revolution requires a strong transformation: ERP, CRM, digital infrastructure, Connect platform, acquisition of digital talent and a dedicated digital team and, finally, the closure of all physical locations in Spain.

Our opinión:

An exciting example of radical change from a physical model to a purely digital channel.
PronoKal has been a pioneer in its sector by integrating data from different players to obtain a single 360º customer view and 24/7 support.

The commitment to the purely digital channel allows PronoKal to create a data-driven management system that improves the personalized treatment of customers, reducing structure costs and making the business scalable.
An important part of this success is due to a good and necessary management of cultural change.

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